Agricultural Oils


Agricultural vehicles and machinery are required to perform in more varied and extreme conditions than most other vehicles. Our range of agricultural oils is specifically designed to keep your farm equipment performing at it best whilst also minimising emissions.

Nowadays universal tractor oils have been developed that can cope with the greater demands of agricultural engines, brake systems and transmissions. Because of the additional stresses placed upon farm vehicles and machinery, buying high quality agricultural oil can reduce the build-up of engine deposits and harmful sludge, minimise the production of corrosive acids and quieten wet-brake noise.

Dedicated tractor transmission fluids also offer maximum protection against daily wear-and-tear, harmful temperature changes and corrosion and can reduce maintenance costs whilst offering noticeably smoother gear changes. provides a wide range of agricultural oils, tractor oils and heavy-duty engine oils designed to maximise protection and performance in the most demanding conditions. If you have any questions about the right oil for your agricultural vehicle contact our experienced team of tractor and agricultural vehicle oil specialists for free advice.